HON 110: Perspectives on the Human Experience I

by Dafhney Ferrer

by Dafhney Ferrer

HON 110: Perspective on the Human Experience I

Themes for Fall 2018 include: Love, Sex & Relationships, including the Five Love Languages…and the topic of infidelity; Mind, explored via a Tibetan Buddhist perspective as well as through the lens of a Hindu philosopher; and Identity.

Required Texts

The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying. Paperback – June 26, 2013 by Sogyal Rinpoche
Intelligence: The Creative Response to Now by Osho – 2004 edition preferred
The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman – Paperback 2015 edition preferred
The Selected Poetry of Rainer Maria Rilke: Bilingual Edition (English & German) Paperback, 1989

*Additional handouts will be provided

This course is run differently than my other courses, as there is a rigorous group research project embedded in the curriculum in addition to the writing and homework assignments. The project will require you to conduct original research, find experts on your topic and interview them, film and edit an original video, design a presi and infographic, and create an aesthetically pleasing, clean, professional website to share your research findings.

Samples of student websites can be found below:

Loneliness – Click to visit site

Upadana – Click to visit site

Bodhicitta & Compassion – Click to visit site

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